My research interests span a range of topics within linguistics, although the main focus is on the study of speech sounds, and in particular speech production, from a variety of intersecting perspectives, including:

  • Acoustics and articulation.
  • Descriptive, historical, and comparative linguistic (typology).
  • Language endangerment.
  • Computational modelling.

The other strand of my research expertise is related to research methods and statistics. In particular, I am an enthusiastic advocate of Open Research (aka Open Science) and Bayesian inference.

For an overview of the research meta-models that inform my research, see the Meta page.

Current projects

Many Speech Analyses

The Many Speech Analyses project (with Timo Roettger and Joseph V. Casillas) tries to quantify the analytic flexibility in the speech sciences and explores how it affects our scientific conclusions. To that end, we will ask speech researchers to analyze the same data set in order to answer the same research question.

More information can be found at

Gallo-Italian vitality

In this project with Jessica Iubini-Hampton and Simone De Cia, we are planning a survey study of the vitality of Gallo-Italian in the north of Italy.

Past projects

The sounds of Albanian

In collaboration with Lejda Kapia, Josianne Riverin-Coutlée, and Stephen Nichols, we have investigate the sound system of Albanian.

The first objective of the project was to produce an IPA illustration for Tosk Albanian which has been accepted for publication in JIPA.

You can read the accepted manuscript here:

Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent

I worked within the ERC project Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent (PI Prof. Jonathan Harrington) at the Institut für Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung. This project employs real-time MRI data to investigate, among other things, how articulatory aspects of speech can pave the way for sound change.

Nasal coarticulation and sound-change: a real-time MRI study

I conducted research within the DFG project Nasal coarticulation and sound-change: a real-time MRI study (PI Prof. Jonathan Harrington).

Vowel duration and consonant voicing: a production study

As part of my PhD research at the University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk), I investigated the effect of consonant voicing on vowel duration, using a combination of acoustic analyses, ultrasound tongue imaging and electroglottography. My thesis is available here.


The map shows in blue the main glossolects I work(ed) with, and in red glossolects I have studied during my time at University and forgotten to different degrees (approximate locations).

Overall, my interests and expertise cover the following macro-glossolects:

  • Indo-European.
  • Oceanic.
  • South American.

I would very much welcome offers of collaboration on glossolects from other areas of the world, especially from Africa and Asia, which are alas the ones I am the least familiar with.